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Salman Rushdie

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Freedom of expression can be a dangerous idea. Salman Rushdie knows this first hand, and his commitment to freedom of expression is woven into his work and life. As Australia grapples with its own discussion about freedom of speech, we welcome Sir Salman Rushdie to the Festival of Dangerous Ideas to speak about major themes in his writing, his life and the contemporary world: freedom of expression, religion, pop culture, current events, East-West relations and the role of the artist in shaping our understanding of the world.



Sir Salman Rushdie is one of the most celebrated novelists of our time. His work includes the Booker Prize-winning Midnight's Children and The Satanic Verses, which attracted major controversy and sent Rushdie into hiding for much of the 1990s. His latest book is the memoir Joseph Anton, named for the secret alias Rushdie used during that time.


Watch Salman Rushdie talk about the act of writing, terrorism and effect of videos games on storytelling.

Read Rushdie’s article On Censorship in The New Yorker.

Watch the BBC’s interview with Rushdie discussing today’s climate of “fear and nervousness”.


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