Philosophy Is As Important As Science

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein (Chair: Andrew West)

, 5.45 PM to 6.45 PM - From $25*, Playhouse

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We live in a world where science replaced philosophy and religion as the source of ‘truth’ many years ago. So why would we turn to the philosophy of the ancients to understand the most difficult questions that we encounter today, particularly when these questions are the product of evolving science and technology? As the framer of the field of Philosophy, Plato taught us how to ask fundamental questions and how to test our answers. He developed an approach that could be applied to everything from life and love to knowledge and politics. And this approach still lies at the heart of our contemporary debates about religion, morality, politics and science. Even thought he lived 2400 years ago and was wrong about many things, Plato’s invention of philosophy can still provide the key to solving our problems today.


Rebecca Newberger Goldstein received her doctorate in philosophy from Princeton University. Her award-winning books include the novels The Mind-Body Problem and 36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A work of fiction, and her latest nonfiction effort, Plato at the Googleplex. She has received a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, has been designated a Humanist of the Year and a Freethought Heroine, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


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