Women Are Sexual Predators

Alissa Nutting

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Throughout history, the cultural forces that have repressed female sexuality have also created a picture of women as sexually passive and requiring  protection from the rapacious desires they inspire in men. Women's sexuality has been denied in its totality, let alone their capacity to become paedophiles or predators. And where stories of women as sexual predators do emerge, attractive women are excused, painted as victims in the media, and become celebrity sex objects themselves rather than being recognised as perpetrators of criminal harm. This apparently benevolent hangover of sexist attitudes does women no favours. If women are to own their own sexuality, they must also own their potential to be sexual predators with all that this implies.

Alissa Nutting is an American author of the short story collection Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls. Her latest book, the novel Tampa, explores the sociopathic and predatory potential of female sexuality.

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