The Propaganda Machine (Sun) Dee Madigan

When is political advertising actually propaganda? And how do we tell the difference? In a fractured media environment with innumerable advocates clamouring for our attention, is it all propaganda now? 

Chaired by Michael Williams 

A high school teacher by trade, Dee Madigan joined the world of advertising in 1996 and since has been winner or finalist at most major ad awards, including Cannes. If ever there was a tampon ad shot on a foreign beach, you can be sure Dee wrote it – and attended the shoot. Her campaigns included some of the world’s biggest brands – HSBC, Powerade, Commonwealth Bank, Diet Coke, J&J, Rexona and Nestle – and Dee also has extensive social marketing experience ranging from federal government campaigns, to the National Heart Foundation, The Cancer Council, the Australian Breast Cancer Institute and the UNHCR. She has worked on 10 election campaigns and most recently she was Creative Director for the Queensland Labor Party for its 2015 election win. She is a panellist on the ABC show Gruen, a political commentator on Sky and is the author of The Hard Sell as well as a contributing author on Mothermorphosis (MU) and Perspectives on Change (ANU). She runs her own ad agency, Campaign Edge. She has three kids and drinks too much wine; these things are not unrelated.

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