Info on purchasing

Multipacks and single tickets on sale NOW

'Buy Multipacks' and 'Buy Tickets' buttons are found on each talk's event info webpage. Simply click to begin purchase process.


By selecting tickets to 3+ or 5+ events across the FODI weekend you can save up to 15%. The more you see, the more you save (and our hot tip is that it’s also the best way to experience FODI).  

Buy 3 or 4 Events – Save 10% 
Buy 5+ Events - Save 15%

Multipack options are available from the full program of Saturday and Sunday events. Browse the site and add your events to your 'Shortlist' to make selecting your multipack easier. Check out the 'Timetable' also to view events by day and time.

If you only want to attend one event within FODI, you can purchase single tickets.



Once you have made your choice of events and multipack option:
1. Click on ‘BUY MULTIPACKS’ on your selected event page or on the My Timetable page of any session.
2. Choose your multipack (i.e. Buy 3+ or Buy 5+ events).
Note: You will need to select a number of the same kind of multipack. I.e. if you want to buy 1 x Buy 4 and 1 x Buy 5+ multipack, you will need to do these one at a time; if you wish to buy single tickets on top of packages this will also need to be done once you have added your multipack packages to your cart.
3.  Add your events to your cart one by one, according to your multipack size (3+ or 5+ events).
4. If you have correctly selected events which fit the conditions of your multipack, you will be able to click ‘Add to Cart’ at the bottom of the page to add your complete multipack selection.
5. You can then add single tickets or alternate multipack options to your cart for a limited time.
6. Please check over everything you have added to your cart (such as event times) before making your purchase, as sales are final.
7. If you require assistance, please call us on 02 9250 7777